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OUTPUT 3.1: Public information services and public diplomacy

Administered items for Outcome 3

International Relations Grants Program

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

Grants were administered in accordance with Government guidelines on the administration of the Discretionary Grants Program. See Appendix 10 for details of the discretionary grants programs administered by the department.

Quantity information

The department administered 174 grants in 2006–07.

ABC Asia Pacific (ABCAP) television service

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

Australia Network is meeting key performance indicators for programming and distribution arrangements.

Quantity information

Australia Network is reaching over 40 countries, and has rebroadcasting arrangements with 450 rebroadcasters throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It is generally ranking in the top 25 to 30 channels in surveyed cities and has experienced positive growth in the Indian market since full-time distribution commenced in September 2006. Three separate signals are being transmitted to accommodate viewers in different time zones.

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