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Administered items for Outcome 1

Contributions to international organisations

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The department made payments totalling $169 682 000. The payments consisted of $76 985 000 to 26 international organisations, including the United Nations, and $92 697 000 to 14 UN peacekeeping operations.

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In 2005–06, the department paid Australia's contributions to 26 international organisations and 14 individual UN peacekeeping operations. A complete listing of these international organisations is at Appendix 10.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) National Interest Account

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The department managed, in accordance with the national interest provisions of the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Act 1991, whole of government coordination of National Interest Account transactions. This process involves assessing the risks and benefits of proposed transactions in consultation with other departments and EFIC. The value of exports supported on the National Interest Account in 2005–06 decreased compared with the previous year. Exports supported on the National Interest Account remain well below that of years prior to 2003–04. This reflects, among other factors, the divestment of short-term business in 2003, the increased willingness of the private sector to cover transactions that have traditionally received National Interest Account or EFIC Commercial Account support and efforts by EFIC and the Government to avoid taxpayer exposures where possible. Further information may be obtained from EFIC's own annual report. The department managed efficiently national interest payments and receipts involving EFIC and the Commonwealth.

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Value of exports supported on EFIC's National Interest Account $20 700 000
Value of claims paid on National Interest Account business $6 700 000

Compensation for detriment caused by defective administration

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Nine cases were lodged under the compensation scheme for detriment caused by defective administration. Seven cases were resolved satisfactorily, five of which were ongoing from previous financial years, resulting in seven payments made from administered funds. Two cases were rejected, one case was subsequently cancelled after further resolution by the post involved and four cases remained in progress at the end of the financial year. One case lodged in the previous financial year has not been pursued by the claimant.

See also Section 3: Corporate Management and Accountability on page 250.

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