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Output 4.2: Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Management of construction projects

Projects for new capital works were managed efficiently and effectively. The Overseas Property Office (OPO) completed a number of construction projects in the owned estate in 2003–04 including new staff housing in Honiara (see box on page 213) and extension of the representational areas of the head of mission residence in Tokyo. Work commenced on three major projects approved by Parliament after consideration by the Joint Standing Committee on Public Works. These projects are for the construction of new chanceries in Colombo and New Delhi, and refurbishment of staff apartments in the embassy complex in Paris.

Several other owned estate projects are in the planning stages. These include plans for refurbishment of the chanceries in Wellington and Singapore, and work on the head of mission residence in Washington. We began planning for the construction of new chanceries in Bali, Phnom Penh and Rangoon.

Contractual outcomes required of United Process Solutions (UPS)

The performance of UPS is measured against contractual indicators relating to financial and business processes, tenant satisfaction, portfolio condition, divestments and capital works. Overall, the contract delivered acceptable outcomes.

Tenant satisfaction with UPS

The level of tenant satisfaction with the provision of UPS services is measured by tenant satisfaction surveys conducted twice a year. The survey result for 2003–04 reflected general satisfaction with the provision of services and was consistent with the outcome for 2002–03. In general, those locations where UPS facilities managers are attached to posts recorded the highest satisfaction responses. UPS provides some services to tenants outside the scope of the contract on a fee for service basis.

Quantity information for output 4.2

Number of project contracts managed

During 2003–04 OPO had oversight of over 30 substantial construction and refurbishment projects in the overseas owned and leased estate (see above and under output 4.2).

Leased estate projects completed in 2003–04 included the relocation of our chanceries in Beirut and Dublin and the fitting out of a new chancery and head of mission residence in Abuja following the relocation of our High Commission from Lagos. Other chancery relocations commenced in Ankara, Athens, Harare and Rome. Work proceeded on establishing chanceries for our new posts in Accra, Kuwait and Port of Spain, and on providing more suitable accommodation for the Australian Representative Office in Baghdad. A major refurbishment of the Australian Commerce and Industry Office in Taipei was completed. Projects are under way on new chanceries in Port Vila and Tehran, to provide improved protection against local seismic risk. We are well advanced with negotiations for relocation of the chancery in Brunei.

Number of calls answered and response times

A total of 7193 calls were made to the call centre. 99.21 per cent of calls were responded to within key performance indicator response times.

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