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OUTPUT 3.1: Public information services and public diplomacy

Administered items for Outcome 3


Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

Grants were administered in accordance with Government guidelines on the administration of the Discretionary Grants Program. See Appendix 11 for a full list of discretionary grants made under the department's International Relations Grants Programs.

Quantity information

Nine grants were administered in 2003–04.

ABC Asia Pacific (ABCAP) television service

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

Key indicators were met.

Quantity information

ABCAP is currently available in 33 out of 35 countries in range of the present satellite footprint. It is available to be accessed in 16.8 million households via re-broadcast arrangements and an unknown number via its free direct-to-home signal. ABCAP estimates that it is available in over 200 000 hotel rooms across the region. The number of unique accesses to the ABCAP website has grown from 50 000 per week to almost 120 000 per week over the course of 2003–04.

Australian participation in the 2005 World Expo—Aichi, Japan

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

The Government provided the department with additional funding of $35 million to support Australia's participation at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. This comprises $1.7 million in 2003–04, $26.8 million in 2004–05 and $6.5 million in 2005–06. The funding will meet the cost of preparation, design, construction and operation of a pavilion during the six-month Expo, to be held from March to September 2005.

The preparatory work for the Australian pavilion has entailed considerable planning and development by the department. The preparation, design, construction and operations programs for the Australian pavilion are proceeding on time and on budget.

Quantity information

Indicators such as the number of stakeholders, sponsors, and visitors to the pavilion and numbers of participants in the business promotion programs, and number of performances by Australian artists will be unable to be measured until 2004–05.

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