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OUTPUT 1.4: Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia

Output 1.4 Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Provision of services

The department receives regular informal feedback from diplomatic and consular representatives on the timeliness and standard of its services to the corps. Both the outgoing and new Deans of the Corps wrote to the Chief of Protocol to thank the department for its open and supportive relationship with the corps and individual missions. A number of missions expressed their satisfaction with the department's response to concerns relating to diplomatic protection issues.

Newly arrived heads of mission commented favourably on the department's coordination of arrangements for credentials ceremonies. They particularly appreciated the Chief of Protocol meeting them on arrival, the comprehensive briefings on the credentials ceremony, our organisation of programs of introductory calls and the prompt issue of identity cards.

Members of the diplomatic and consular corps expressed appreciation for the department's advice on and assistance with the tax concession system. They have commented favourably on our services for processing arrivals and departures and requests to purchase and dispose of motor vehicles.

Quantity information for output 1.4

Indicator 2003–04 2002–03
Number of diplomatic representatives for whom the department provides services 855 849
Number of consular representatives for whom the department provides services1 847 813
Number and category of services provided2 12 12

1. If representatives' dependants are added to this and the above figure, the total number of people to whom we provided services in 2003–04 was 4175.

2. There were 12 types of services provided. Of these, key categories were: visa issue (2308 for members of the diplomatic and consular corps and 100 for private domestic employees); 1178 arrivals and departures processed; 1247 identity cards issued; 26 foreign heads of mission presented credentials; 16 exequaturs issued (an exequatur is a document we issue to authorise heads of consular posts to undertake consular functions in Australia on behalf of foreign countries); purchase of 374 cars for privileged personnel approved; permission for 70 dependants to work in Australia; requests processed for 101 foreign awards to Australian citizens; approval given for 4 new missions in Australia; approval given for 11 defence advisers/attaches; and payment of the non-beneficial component of rates for diplomatic premises owned by the sending state ($182 291).

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