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Output 4.2: Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Management of construction projects

Projects completed in the owned estate:

Construction projects under way:

Projects completed in the leased estate:

Projects for new capital works were managed efficiently and effectively. Several projects are nearing completion or at the planning stage (see paragraph below on number of projects managed). While some delays were encountered, all projects in the owned overseas estate were completed within acceptable timing and budget parameters.

Contractual outcomes required of United Process Solutions (UPS)

The performance of UPS is measured against contractual indicators relating to financial and business processes, tenant satisfaction, portfolio condition, divestments and capital works. Overall, the contract delivered acceptable outcomes, with UPS providing assistance to the department in meeting its obligations to the Government in relation to payment of dividend and return on investment. The level of tenant satisfaction with services provided under the contract increased. Some adjustments to the scope of services provided under the contract were made to enhance the department's role in property planning and strategy.

Tenant satisfaction with UPS

Tenant surveys are conducted annually to provide tenant satisfaction ratings with UPS services. The survey result for 2002–03 indicated improved general satisfaction with the service provided. A majority of tenants were satisfied with call centre access. Areas identified for improvement included delivery of services through the call centre process (see also output 4.1).

Quantity information for output 4.2

Number of project contracts managed

The department managed more than 20 substantial construction or refurbishment projects in the overseas owned and leased estate, at various stages of completion. Of these, five (restoration of the new chancery in Berlin, relocation of chanceries in Amman, Moscow and Manila, and refurbishment of the official residence in Jakarta) were completed during the year. Relocation of the chancery in Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja, and construction of Honiara staff housing were nearing completion, while arrangements for relocation of the Dublin chancery offices and refurbishment of the chancery in Pohnpei were under way. We completed significant work on approvals, design and planning for new chanceries in Colombo and New Delhi, and for refurbishment of staff apartments in Paris and Hanoi and of the official residence in Washington. Consultancy and preparatory work was under way on the remaining projects.

Number of calls answered and response times

A total of 8048 calls were made to the call centre. This was consistent with the number recorded in 2001–02.

Ninety-seven per cent of calls were responded to within key performance indicator response times.


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