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OUTPUT 2.1: Consular and passport services

Administered item for Outcome 2

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Travellers' Emergency Loans

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

During 2002–03, 610 travellers' emergency loans, including repatriations, were granted in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the consular handbook. This compares to 739 loans granted in 2001–02. Decisions to issue emergency loans are made on a case-by-case basis, and only when it has been established that the concerns for an individual's welfare warrant such assistance and that the individual has no alternative means to access funds, including through family members in Australia. Loans were also made through the Prisoner Loans Scheme to 35 Australians imprisoned overseas.

The department issued $200 547 in travellers' emergency loans. We issue emergency loans on the basis of a traveller's need and not on their ability to repay, which can affect the success of debt recovery efforts. Higher repatriation costs can also influence debt recovery rates. We use all means available to encourage repayment of loans, including making a person's eligibility for a new passport subject to repayment of the loan. A total of $104 051 was repaid in 2002–03.

Quantity information
Indicator 2002–03 2001–02
Number of Australian travellers assisted by emergency loans 610 739
Success of debt recovery activities $104 051 $114 507


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