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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Annual Report 2000-2001
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Public information services and public diplomacy

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Expo 2000

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Ten senior Commonwealth and State Government ministers and parliamentarians visited the Expo 2000 pavilion in Hanover, including Mr Downer, Mr Vaile and Queensland Premier Mr Peter Beattie (representing the major non-Commonwealth stakeholder). All expressed great satisfaction with the design, content and quality of the pavilion and its impact as a major drawcard at Expo. Ministers were very impressed with the high calibre of the pavilion attendants, noting that the public responded very favourably to the friendly and engaging atmosphere that prevailed. They agreed that the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments in particular had received excellent value for money. Mr McGauran praised the entertainment and arts program for presenting a sophisticated image of the modern diversity of Australian arts. German media coverage was extensive and exclusively positive, with the pavilion featuring regularly as a ‘must see’ and numerous features about Australian industrial innovation (for example in solar energy and environmental technology) and the arts. Unsolicited feedback and visitor surveys confirmed an overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic response to the pavilion.



Number of:

   Stakeholders [Note 1]


   Sponsors[Note 2]


   visitors to displays


   participants in business development program [Note 3]


   performances by Australian artists [Note 4]


1 This refers to the Commonwealth Government and the governments of Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory.

2 The Australian exhibition gained four sponsors during 2000-01.

3 In addition, 9,900 business representatives were contacted with regard to sectorally targeted events and provided with information about business opportunities in Australia.

4 Over 450 performances were given by more than 25 individuals, groups,and orchestras.

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Eleven grants administered in accordance with Commonwealth guidelines on the administration of the Discretionary Grants Program were disbursed on time and to the satisfaction of recipients.

Details of grants are at Appendix 11.

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