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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Annual Report 2000-2001
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Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia

Output 1.5 Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicator

Provision of services

Members of the diplomatic corps commended our organisation of the visit to Hobart and Taree and have been very supportive of making such visits regular events.

We received positive feedback from the corps on the quality and timeliness of the briefings the department organised and the level of assistance provided during the Sydney Olympic Games.

A number of missions expressed their appreciation for the assistance we provided in relation to diplomatic protection issues.

Regular positive feedback reflected client satisfaction with our services. The few complaints received were dealt with quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Formal and informal feedback from heads of mission on credentials arrangements was positive throughout the year. Newly arrived heads of mission commonly expressed appreciation to the Chief of Protocol for meeting them at the airport, arranging for prompt issue of identity cards, providing comprehensive briefings on the ceremony for presentation of credentials, coordinating arrangements for these ceremonies and for programs of introductory calls.

Quantity information

Number of diplomatic representatives for whom the department provides services.


Number of consular representatives for whom the department provides services. [Note 1]


Number and category of services provided. [Note 2]


1 If dependants are included in this and the above figure, the full number of people to whom we provide services is 3,930.

2 Of the 12 types of services provided, key categories include: visa issue ( 2,052 for members of the corps and 125 for private domestic employees); 1,115 arrivals and departures processed; 1,229 identity cards issued; 24 foreign heads of mission's credentials presented; 24 exequaturs issued; facilitation of purchase/registration of 612 cars for privileged personnel; permission for 44 dependants to work in Australia; facilitation of 92 foreign awards to Australian citizens; and payment of the non-beneficial component of rates for diplomatic premises owned by the sending state ($277,667.56).

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