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Today is Armenia National Day, Malta Independence Day and Belize National Day

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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Annual Report 2000-2001
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2000-2001 Annual Report - Table of Contents

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Letter of transmittal
Guide to the report
List of figures
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Section 1: Overviews

Secretary’s review
Departmental overview

Section 2: Performance Reporting

Outcome 1: Australia’s national interests protected and advanced through contributions to international security, national economic and trade performance and global cooperation

Outcome 2: Australians informed about and provided with access to consular and passport services in Australia and overseas

Outcome 3: Public understanding in Australia and overseas of Australia’s foreign and trade policy and a positive image of Australia internationally

Section 3: Corporate management and accountability

Section 4: Financial statements

Section 5: Appendixes

Section 6: Glossaries and index

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