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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Annual Report 2000-2001
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About this web site

The 2000-2001 Annual Report web site includes many features to make navigating this report easier. Some of these features are described below.



Interactive sitemap navigator The sitemap button Image only - the real sitemap button is on the toolbar at the top of the screen at the top of each page opens a separate window that contains an interactive site navigator that shows the structure of the site and contains a link to every page.
Content tabs Use the tabs Image only - the real tabs are on the top of the screen to quickly access major sections and pages of the Annual Report web site.
Next and previous topic buttons Use the next and previous topic buttons Image only - the real previous button is on the toolbar at the top of the screenImage only - the real next button is on the toolbar at the top of the screen on the top of each page to view the Annual Report in a sequential manner.
Breadcrumbs Use the breadcrumbs feature to navigate backwards through the content levels. Image only - the real breadcrumbs at located at the top of the screen
Back to top links Use the back to top links Image only - the real top buttons are located throughout documents to quickly jump to the top of each page.
Document options page Use the document options page to change the way the Annual Report appears on screen. (This functionality is still being finalised).
Annual Report Search Page Search this and previous Annual Reports.
Bobby Approved This web site has features that make it more accessible to people with text browsers and screen readers. It includes features such as Access keys to allow users to activate links using shortcut keys and selectable style sheets (including a high contrast option).

This site is Bobby approved (see www.cast.org for more information).

This site is Bobby approved

Downloadable versions for off-line viewing This site is available for download as a self extracting file containing all of the files required to view this site off-line as well as an Adobe PDF version.

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