Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

CAAR Strategic Plan 2013-15

Sector Focus Areas 2012-2015

The most effective way to identify where CAAR can affect the greatest impact is through relationships developed as part of CAAR's three key modalities: stimulate, execute and communicate.

Initial programs will foster further opportunities and relationships leading to new programs and initiatives.

Sector focus areas are based on evidence of:

Priority sector

Opportunity to enhance international students, sell curricula - especially in health education, but also in resources and energy.
Food security
Trade links are established. Good opportunity to work with Australian-Arab trade groups
Infrastructure and ETMs
Australian infrastructure operating widely in Arab world.
Resources and Energy
Australia has established regulatory systems and successful government initiatives to stimulate exploration for resources. Australia has well regarded educational facilities for resource professionals.
Health care
Strong Australian reputation, willing partners and supportive educational frameworks