Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

Council for Australian-Arab Relations to help restore Iraq Museum records

Media release

The Council for Australian-Arab Relations sponsored a visit to Baghdad 16-18 May by Dr Daniel Potts, Professor of Middle Eastern archaeology at the University of Sydney. 

The Chairman of the Council for Australian-Arab Relations, Mr Brendan Stewart said he was delighted that Dr Potts was able to help with the restoration of the Iraq Museum.

On behalf of the Council Dr Potts presented to the Iraq Museum a lap top computer, software, a scanner and digital camera for future record-keeping.  

Dr Potts’s mission was a complete success.   The gifts were much needed and gratefully accepted by the Director of Antiquities and his staff.  The gifts were the first material support the Museum had received of any kind, and the authorities were very grateful indeed.  Dr Potts spent several hours demonstrating the use of the equipment and training Museum staff in its use.

The Council deeply regrets the loss of the museum’s treasures and hopes that Dr Potts’s mission will go some way towards restoring antiquities in the Iraq Museum.  

Media contact: Clare Birgin, Council Secretariat (02) 62613692