Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

Discretionary grant recipients

Recipient Grant description Amount Approval date
International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies Funding to support the participation of delegates from Arab speaking countries in the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture $35,000.00 16/09/2011
Australian International Documentary Conference Funding will help present Mostafa Nagy as a keynote speaker in a new series, Voices from Afar $15,000.00 21/06/2011
Information and Cultural Exchange Inc Funding for Arab Film Festival Australia $20,000.00 27/05/2011
Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales This project will contribute to the capacity of Palestine to develop a legal system approriate to a modern State $30,332.50 14/04/2011
Ms Leila Alloush, Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS) Kallam TV $20,000.00 14/04/2011
The Children's Hospital at Westmead Scoping visit to establish the International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate in Libya. $14,534.30 28/01/2011
Government of South Australia Rural Solutions SA Information exchange on irrigation and water management between Egypt and Australia $10,000.00 19/01/2011
Adelaide Film Festival Arab component at Adelaide Film Festival $10,000.00 15/12/2010
Royal Life Saving Society Australia World Conference on Drowning Prevention Scholarships program $11,692.00 14/12/2010
Chunky Move Glow Tour of the Masahat Dance Festival $20,000.00 14/12/2010
The University of Sydney Funding for the Gulf-Australia Symposium: Breast Cancer current practice and future directions in imaging, medication formulation and safety and rehabilitation $19,982.00 18/06/2010
University of Melbourne Australian-Syrian Archaeological and Historical Research and Collaboration Project $13,636.36 18/06/2010
University of Southern Queensland Identification of the Benefits of an Australian-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Agreement for Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) $19,700.00 18/06/2010
Independent Schools Victoria Fund representatives visit by the Qatar Supreme Education Council Partnership Project $8,909.09 17/06/2010
Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry AACCI Inaugural Australia Arab Business Forum and Expo $30,000.00 15/06/2010
Erin Roche Inter-weavings: Exhibition of Omani Women's Clothing and Clothing Folklore $10,000.00 2/06/2010
Crawford Fund Biodiversity and Climate Change in Dry Areas - ABC journalist visit to ICARDA, Syria $3,500.00 1/06/2010
Crawford Fund Biodiversity and Climate Change in Dry Areas - Cosmos journalist to visit ICARDA, Syria $2,937.00 1/06/2010
Crawford Fund Biodiversity and Climate Change in Dry Areas - Cosmos journalist to visit ICARDA, Syria $563.00 1/06/2010
Centre for Multi-cultural Youth First Egyptian-Australian Youth Cultural Exchange $24,460.00 31/05/2010
Victoria Police International Student Safety campaign $5,000.00 31/05/2010
Standards Australia Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Standardisation Training Project $18,181.82 25/05/2010
Aboriginal Nations Australia Pty Ltd Translation of "The Dreaming" animated series into Arabic $43,713.00 7/04/2010
CBT Training Pty Ltd Training program for health care professionals in the use of cognitive-behavioural principles in the management of sufferers of Sickle Cell Disease $8,181.82 7/04/2010
Lowy Institute for International Policy 2010 Australia-UAE Dialogue $35,000.00 7/04/2010
Marda Permaculture Farm Permaculture and cultural exchange program in the Palestinian Territories to foster cross-cultural exchange between agricultural professionals $14,850.00 7/04/2010