Australia-Thailand Intstitute

ATI Funded Grant Projects

Other Discretionary Grants

The ATI is allocated operational funding each year and these monies may be used to fund additional grants in accordance with Advisory Board recommendations.

Initiatives of Change, Asia-Pacific Youth Conference 2011


ATI funding will assist in sending Thai participants to the Asia-Pacific Youth Conference 2011 which has the aim of empowering individuals to shape their cultures, communities and nations. The program will cover plenary sessions, workshops and skills development, cultural presentations, team activities and leadership and life direction discussions.

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La Trobe University, Centre for Dialogue, Leadership Training Program for Young Muslims


This leadership training program brought 23 international and local participants together for an intensive seven week course held in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne with a focus on intercultural and interfaith understanding. Participants engaged in many formal and informal meetings with leaders from varied cultural backgrounds and different levels of society. These included indigenous leaders, politicians (at all levels), lawyers and judges, journalists, academics, diplomats, business leaders and community representatives. Various techniques were used to develop media, writing, public speaking, organisation and conflict resolution skills. Participants provided strong feedback that this had been a valuable and important learning experience and that they were now much better equipped to exercise leadership in their respective communities, as well as in the wider community. The full effect of this program will be felt over the months and years to come as the young leaders assume positions of authority and influence as they develop their careers.

Dinner with Arab Ambassadors

Mr Giles Ryder, Thailand-Australia Light Space Festival


This project developed and implemented an international contemporary art festival focusing on light installation in Northern Thailand during Loi Krathong (the festival of the lights). This project also had a major educational and workshop program that targeted cultural bodies, students, emerging and etablished artists via artist lectures and tour guides. As an outcome from this project Mr Ryder has been invited to curate an exhibition of Thai art - Northern Lights - as part of Art Month Sydney at Artereal Gallery in March 2012. He has also been invited to develop further cultural projects at KMUT University Bangkok, Phayao University Phayao and Chiang Mai University.

University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Thailand, Pedagogy and Praxis: Learning and Teaching in Buri Ram Province


Six Master of Teaching teacher candidates and two teacher educators from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education will travel to the Mechai Pattana School, Lamplaimat, Buri Ram Province to undertake a teaching placement and to work alongside the Thai teachers to enhance teacher education practices in Thailand and Australia. This project is due for completion in December 2011 with a full completion report to be submitted to the ATI by the end of January 2012.

Southern Cross University, Centre for Tourism Leisure and Work, Krabi-Queensland Cultural Engagement Project


This project will facilitate a tour of Australia for a selected group of traditional Thai musicians from Krabi province. Initial discussions are being held with the Urak Lawoi from the village of Sang-ga-u in the South-East corner of Koh Lanta (otherwise known as the Sea Gypsies or "Chao Leh" people of the sea). The project will also produce a documentary video of the tour. This project is due for completion in March 2012 with a full completion report to be submitted to the ATI by the end of April 2012.