Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia


  Annual Report 1998-99




  1. Australian and international security enhanced through activities which contribute to effective regimes against the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.


  1. Operation of Australia’s national system of accounting for, and control of, nuclear material and items subject to IAEA safeguards, including promotion and regulation, within Australia, of effective measures for the physical protection of nuclear facilities and material.
  2. Development and implementation of bilateral safeguards measures that ensure nuclear material and items exported from Australia remain in peaceful use.
  3. Contribution to the development and effective implementation of international safeguards and non-proliferation regimes, including participation in international expert groups and provision to the IAEA of consultancies, assessments, R&D services and training; and evaluation of the effectiveness of IAEA safeguards and related regimes.
  4. Operation of the national authority for implementation of the CWC, including contribution to the effective international implementation of the CWC, particularly in Australia’s immediate region.
  5. Operation of the national authority for implementation of the CTBT, including development of CTBT verification systems and development of arrangements in support of Australia’s CTBT commitments.
  6. Contribution to the development of new and strengthened WMD non-proliferation regimes, such as the BWC and the FMCT.
  7. Provision of high quality, timely and relevant professional advice to Government.


  1. Public knowledge about Australias efforts to prevent the proliferation of WMD enhanced.


  1. Provision of public information on the development, management and regulation of WMD non-proliferation treaties, and Australia’s role in these activities. 


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