Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia


  Annual Report 1998-99




The publications listed below are available on request, and will be available on the ASNO website in 2000 at

V Bragin, J Carlson and J Hill, Verifying A Fissile Material Production Cut-off Treaty, The
Non-Proliferation Review, Fall 1998, pp. 97-107.

V Bragin and J Carlson, FMCT: Some Significant Divisions In The Scope Debate, Disarmament Forum, UNIDIR, 2, 1999, pp. 29-34.

K Brown and G Shaw, Protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention: Industry Survey, presented at National Consultative Group Meeting June 1999.

J Carlson, J Bardsley, V Bragin, and J Hill, International Safeguards: The Opportunity For Change, Proceedings of the 39th Annual INMM Meeting, Naples, Florida, July 26–30, 1998.

J Carlson, J Bardsley and V Bragin, Timeliness And Integrated Safeguards, Proceedings of the 39th Annual INMM Meeting, Naples, Florida, July 26–30, 1998.

J Carlson, V Bragin, J Bardsley, and J Hill, Nuclear Safeguards As An Evolutionary System, The Non-Proliferation Review, Winter 1999, pp. 97–107.

J Carlson, Safeguards as an Evolutionary System, Meeting of the INMM Japan Chapter, 14 October 1998.

N Doulgeris, Australian Experience in Reporting under the Additional Protocol, Presented at the International Seminar on Safeguards Information Reporting and Processing, Vienna, Austria, 30 November–4 December 1998.

G Shaw, Chemical Weapons Convention: Impact on Australian Researchers, presented at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Australian Algal Toxin Research Network, Hobart, February 1999.

G Shaw, Australias Experience in Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention, presented to the Indonesian National Authority, Jakarta, March 1999.

G Shaw, Making Declarations Work: Exports and Imports, presented at the Inaugural OPCW Meeting of National Authorities, The Hague, June 1999.


Papers prepared prior to July 1997 are listed in the 199798 Annual Report.

Papers prepared prior to July 1996 are listed in the 199697 Annual Report.

Papers prepared prior to July 1991 are listed in the 199495 Annual Report.


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