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  Annual Report 1998-99



Development of Australian IMS Stations at 30 June 1999

  Type Status1 Operator2
Primary Seismic Stations
Warramunga, NT array3 XUT ANU
Alice Springs, NT array XP AGSO/ US
Stephens Creek, NSW 3-C4 XU AGSO
Mawson, Antarctica 3-C XP AGSO
Auxiliary Seismic Stations
Charters Towers, QLD 3-C XP AGSO
Fitzroy Crossing, WA 3-C XP AGSO
Narrogin, WA 3-C XP AGSO
Infrasound Stations
Warramunga, NT   XSU ANU
Hobart, TAS   S AGSO
Narrogin, WA   S AGSO
Cocos Islands   P AGSO
Davis Base, Antarctica   P AGSO
Radionuclide Stations Particulates (all)  
Melbourne, VIC Noble gas XSU ARPANSA
Perth, WA Noble gas XSU ARPANSA
Townsville, QLD   X ARPANSA
Darwin, NT   X ARPANSA
Cocos Islands   S ARPANSA
Macquarie Island, TAS   P ARPANSA
Mawson, Antarctica   P ARPANSA
Radionuclide Laboratory
Melbourne, VIC   X ARPANSA
Hydroacoustic Stations
Cape Leeuwin, WA Hydrophone array S AGSO

1. Status codes 2. Operators

P planned new station

X existing station (upgrade requiredexcept radionuclide lab)

S site survey work underway or completed

U upgrade work underway or completed

T testing and evaluation underway for certification against CTBT standards

AGSO Australian Geological Survey Organisation

ANU Australian National University

ARPANSA Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

(Anticipated operators shown with italics.)

3. Seismic array
4. Single 3-component seismometer


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