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  Annual Report 1998-99



IAEA Statements of Conclusions of Inspections in Australia.

During 1998–99 the IAEA carried out inspections in four of Australia’s five Material Balance Areas (MBAs): AS-A; AS-B; AS-C; and AS-D. The IAEA provides statements of conclusions of these inspections under Article 91(b) of Australia’s NPT Safeguards Agreement.

Article 91(b) statements for inspections conducted during 1997–98 stated the following conclusions (Activity 3 applies only to MBAs A and D).

  Verification Activity Conclusion
(1) Examination of records ‘The records satisfied the Agency requirements.’
(2) Examination of Reports to the Agency ‘The reports satisfied the Agency requirements.’
(3) Application of Containment and Surveillance Measures ‘The application of containment and surveillance measures adequately complemented the nuclear material accountancy measures.’
(4) Verification of Physical Inventory ‘The physical inventory declared by the operator was verified and the results satisfied the Agency requirements.’

At the time of printing, only the statement for AS-D had been received for inspections conducted in 1998-99 (March and June). This stated the conclusions above and we have no reason to expect different conclusions will be reached for the other MBAs.

The only material unaccounted for (MUF) declared for the year was a small quantity of enriched uranium in AS-C, as noted in Output A.

Explanatory note on MBA AS-E

This MBA covers all locations in Australia, except ANSTO at Lucas Heights, where safeguardable nuclear material is present.

No IAEA statement under Article 91(b) of Australia’s NPT Safeguards Agreement is provided for this MBA since the IAEA has not inspected the nuclear material located there. This is because the quantities are too small to be of proliferation significance and in most cases have been exempted from active safeguards or have had safeguards terminated in accordance with the Agreement (Articles 36, 37, 38 and 39 of the Agreement refer).


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