Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office: Annual Report 2012-13

Output 2.1: Public Information

Provision of public information on the development, implementation and regulation of weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation regimes, and Australia's role in these activities.

Performance Measures

  • Effective public education and outreach

Performance Assessment

ASNO works to ensure Australia's WMD non-proliferation objectives are widely understood. This involves liaison with industry, tertiary institutions and non-governmental institutions, including presentations at various national and international fora. Activities during the year through which ASNO pursued public information objectives included:

  • ASNO attended the Australasian Radiation Protection Society conference in October 2012 to present on safeguards permit requirements to current and potential permit holders
  • various presentations by the ASNO Director General at the National Security College – a joint venture between the Australian Government and the Australian National University, with the aim of enhancing the functioning of the national security community, strengthening networks of cooperation between practitioners and non-government experts, contributing to the development of a new generation of strategic analysts, achieving effective outreach to business and the wider community
  • ASNO gave a presentation on nuclear security summits to William Ross State High School who were the 2012 winners of the Australian Institute for International Affairs and James Cook University Young Diplomats' Program. The year's Young Diplomats' Program was based on the topic 'advancing global nuclear security'.

ASNO produced and distributed its first newsletter to chemical industry stakeholders in November 2012. This provided updates for stakeholders on current events.

ASNO conducted for the first time a series of outreach seminars in Sydney and Melbourne in early 2013 for those affected by the Chemical Weapons Convention, including analytical laboratories, chemical industry and traders of chemicals. This provided information on ASNO's permit requirements and obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

ASNO continued its series of seminars on non-proliferation issues for government officials. The aim of the seminars is to provide clear, understandable and accurate information on concepts relevant to officials involved in Australia's broader non-proliferation and counter-proliferation efforts.

ASNO has an active program of preparing papers and presentations for conferences and professional journals. Many of these are available on ASNO's website. Details can be found under Appendix G.

ASNO's website,, contains detailed information on Australia's non-proliferation policies, treaty and statutory obligations and safeguards agreements as well as notification and permit application forms. The Current Topics section of this, and previous, ASNO Annual Reports is also included as a public information source.