Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office: Annual Report 2012-13

Financial Management

The Audit Act 2001 requires ASNO to submit an annual Financial Statement to the Auditor-General. As ASNO is funded as a division of DFAT, this financial statement is published in the DFAT Annual Report. Further details of ASNO activities relating to financial management and performance are also contained in the DFAT Annual Report.

Administrative Budget

Table 16: ASNO Administrative Costs32

$2 329 703
$2 382 939
Running Costs
$753 469
$705 727
Seismic monitoring34
$595 945
$586 410
$1 349 414
$1 292 137
$3 679 117
$3 675 076

ASNO staff at a meeting in Canberra (Image: ASNO)

ASNO staff at a meeting in Canberra (Image: ASNO)

Uranium Producers Charge

ASNO is responsible for the implementation of the Uranium Producers Charge. This charge is payable to Consolidated Revenue on each kilogram of uranium ore concentrate production (set in 2010–11 to 10.3077 cents per kilogram). The total charge levied on 1 December 2012 for uranium production in 2011–12 was $672 266.

Australian Safeguards Support Program

The cost of the Australian Safeguards Support Program (ASSP) totalled approximately $200,000 in 2012–13. This amount included direct expenditure by ASNO of about $43,000 relating to services provided to the IAEA, including participation in the Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation (total includes travel costs and salaries). Expenditure on ASSP projects by ANSTO amounted to approximately $100,000.

Other government agencies contributed services in support of the IAEA through the ASSP valued at approximately $20,000. UWA's operating expenditure for its Network of Analytical Laboratory work includes instrument time, maintenance, administration and staff costs totalling $34,750.

32 Excludes GST.

33 Includes Long Service Leave accruals.

34 Undertaken by Geoscience Australia.