Annual Report 2008-2009

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1.Director General's Report2. Current Topics3. Overview4. Performance5. Management6. Appendixes and Glossaries

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List of Tables

Table 1  UOC export and nuclear electricity statistics
Table 2: ASNO reports (line entries) to the IAEA, 2003–2009, by facility
Table 3: ASNO reports (line entries) to the IAEA, 2003–2009, by data type
Table 4: Nuclear Material in Australia at 30 June 2009
Table 5: Associated Items in Australia at 30 June 2009
Table 6: Status of Safeguards Permits and Authorities at 30 June 2009
Table 7: IAEA Safeguards Inspections and Complementary Accesses, 2008–09
Table 8: Inventory Differences Recorded during 2008–09
Table 9: Summary of AONM by category, quantity and location at 31 December 2008
Table 10: Supply of Australian uranium to customers during 2008—as delivered to customers’ converter accounts
Table 11 Summary of AONM Transfers, 2008
Table 12: Permits for CWC-Scheduled Chemical Facilities and Importers
Table 13: ASNO Staff at 30 June 2009
Table 14: Training and Development Activities
Table 15: ASNO Administrative Costs
Table 16: World Nuclear Energy, June 2009
Table 17: Australia’s Bilateral Safeguards Agreements at 30 June 2009
Table 18: States with Additional Protocols in force at 30 June 2009
Table 19: States with an AP signed or approved but not in force at 30 June 2009
Table 20: States with Significant Nuclear Activities and no AP at 30 June 2009
Table 21: IAEA Conclusions of Inspections in Australia
Table 22: Status of Australian CTBT IMS Stations at 30 June 2009

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