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1.Director General's Report2. Current Topics3. Overview4. Performance5. Management6. Appendixes and Glossaries

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Table of Contents

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SECTION 1: Director General’s Report

The Year in Review
Nuclear Non-proliferation and Safeguards Developments
Chemical Weapons Convention Developments
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Developments
Other Non-Proliferation Developments
The Year Ahead
20 Years with ASNO

SECTION 2: Current Topics

Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network
Information-Driven Safeguards
Detection and Analysis of the DPRK Nuclear Test in May 2009
Australia’s Bilateral Safeguards Agreements
Agreements for Physical Protection
Application of IAEA safeguards in the Nuclear-Weapon States
Safeguards and Physical Protection for Uranium Mining and Transport
International Obligations
Domestic Legislation
Security Requirements
Safeguards and Export Requirements
Australia’s Uranium Production and Exports
Chemical Weapons Convention: “Other Chemical Production Facilities”

SECTION 3: Overview of ASNO

Nuclear Safeguards Functions
Chemical Weapons Convention Functions
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Functions
Other Functions
Operating Environment
Outcomes and Outputs Structure

SECTION 4: Performance

Output 1.1: National Safeguards System
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.2: Physical Protection
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.3: Bilateral Safeguards
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.4: International Safeguards and Non-Proliferation
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.5: CWC Implementation
Performance Measures
Performance Assessments

Output 1.6: CTBT Implementation
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.7: Other Non-Proliferation Regimes
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 1.8: Advice to Government
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

Output 2.1: Public Information
Performance Measures
Performance Assessment

SECTION 5: Management and Accountability

Corporate Governance
Portfolio Minister
Director General ASNO
Assistant Secretary ASNO
ASNO Staff
ASNO Administrative Review
Training and Development

Financial Management

Financial Management
Administrative Budget
Uranium Producers Charge
Australian Safeguards Support Program
Environmental Management System (EMS)

SECTION 6: Appendices and Glossaries

Compliance Index

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