Australia-Korea Foundation

Program activities

Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarship Program

The objectives of the Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarship Program are to develop a group of Australian graduates with good understanding of Korean society, politics, economy, culture and the bilateral relationship and to increase Australia's capacity to engage with Korea and to strengthen Australia-Korea relations through people-to-people and institutional linkages.

Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarship Program

Australia-Korea BRIDGE Project

The Australia-Korea BRIDGE Project is an initiative of the Asia Education Foundation and builds on the success of the Australia-Korea Teacher Exchange Program. The Australia-Korea BRIDGE Project supports Australian and Korean schools to form sister-school relationships through physical exchange and online collaboration — a move to continue to grow Australia-Korea engagement through the use of Broadband and video-conferencing technology in classrooms.

Australia Korea BRIDGE Project

Australia Korea Internship Program 2015

Spend two months in Korea in early 2015 and advance your career prospects. Initiated by the AKF and operated in conjunction with the Korea-Australia Foundation in Seoul, this biannual Internship Program recruits 8-10 business undergraduate students at Australian universities to undertake a two-month placement with a major Korean company.  

Information available from the University of Sydney website

George Rose Photographs of 1904 Korea Project

George Rose, an Australian photographer, visited Korea in 1904 and took a number of photographs of everyday life in Korea at that time. These historically-significant images were drawn to the attention of the Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF), which gained access to the glass negatives and funded the publication of a collection of the photographs of early 20th Century Korea, together with background information and historical commentary.  Importantly, this work ensures that as many Koreans and Australians as possible would be able to see these treasured moments in time.  The George Rose photographs reveal many aspects of Korea’s recent history that may have been otherwise forgotten. 

George Rose Photographs of Korea