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Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)

AIYEP is a one of a kind, highly successful program which is now marking its 32nd year. Eighteen young Indonesians aged 21-25 spend two months (October to December) in Australia undertaking work placements, home stays, cultural performances and visits to local schools and communities. Eighteen young Australians undertake a similar program in Indonesia from December to February.

The program aims to provide wider opportunities for young people from Indonesia and Australia to appreciate the culture, development and way of life of each other's country and to build groups of young and potentially influential people in both Australia and Indonesia who have knowledge and personal experience of the two countries and who develop close and enduring links with each other.

For further information including AIYEP contacts please visit the main Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program website.

Advice to applicants

AIYEP 2013-2014

Eighteen Indonesian AIYEP participants arrived in October for the Australian phase of the program beginning with a week of orientation before taking up work placements and homestays in Sydney. Participants enjoyed a mid-visit break on the NSW coast before a three week stay in Kiama, NSW where they gained a regional and rural perspective of Australia.

The Indonesian AIYEPs then met with their Australian counterparts for a joint orientation exercise prior to the Australian AIYEPs departing for Jakarta in early December. The Indonesian province of West Sumatra is hosting the Australian and Indonesian AIYEPs, and their visit involves taking part in a community development project in the village of Solok and a city stay in Bukit Tinggi. The program will conclude in mid to late February 2014.

AIYEP 2011-2012

See what some of our previous AIYEP participants say about the program.


Participants of the 2011-12 AIYEP talk about their life-changing experiences in Riau and South Australia in celebration of the program's 30 year anniversary.
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Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program participants
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Phil De Zylva during the village stay sights the rare Rafflesia flower - the biggest flower in the world.
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Alison Youssef teaching an SMA class about Australia in Rokan Hulu, Riau province.
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Julian with village youths in the Aur Betung dusun where he stayed.