Australia-Indonesia Institute

2014-15 AII Grant Round 2- Now Closed

The Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) will call for Expressions of Interest for the 2015-16 Grant Round in March 2015. Please check the website for updates.

How to apply

All applicants must complete the Online Expression of Interest Form. Expressions of Interest must be completed in English.

If your Expression of Interest cannot be submitted using the Online Expression of Interest Form, please contact the AII Secretariat.

Please note: The AII Secretariat does not accept late Expressions of Interest. The Online Expression of Interest Form will automatically close at 3pm, Tuesday 7 October 2014

AII applicants should familiarise themselves with the AII Grant Program Guidelines before submitting an Expression of Interest.


The AII welcomes feedback on the new EOI process to the AII email address at

Guidelines and Conditions applying to Grant Applications and Approvals

General grants are intended to provide seeding funds for innovative proposals relevant to the functions and objectives of the Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII). These functions and objectives are described on the Australia–Indonesia Institute website.


Both individuals and organisations may apply for grants. Applicants should have an established record of achievement in the development and management of projects relevant to their proposed area of endeavour, and they should be able to document this. No person can hold more than one Australia-Indonesia Institute grant at any given time.

Individuals and organisations intending to apply for an AII grant for an activity which involves travel to Indonesia should read the Australian Government travel advisory for Indonesia prior to lodging an application.

Competition for grant money is considerable, and the Institute may decide not to award a new grant to an individual or organisation that has received a grant in the past. The Australia-Indonesia Institute is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and encourages individuals and organisations from target groups to apply for project funding.

Guidelines for Grants

All applications are assessed against the Institute's guidelines for grants. Applicants for grants must therefore comply with these guidelines when submitting their proposals for consideration.

  • The project should be a substantial new initiative of relevance to the Institute's objective of promoting a growing and deepening relationship between Australia and Indonesia. Such initiatives may promote new areas of contact between Australia and Indonesia or may serve to build on or develop existing contacts.
  • The project should have a clearly defined benefit in terms of the Institute's objectives.
  • Provision should be made in the application for publicity or promotion of the project, including providing photos and content for the AII website.
  • Projects that involve Indonesian experience of Australia and the relation of that experience to a wide audience in Indonesia are particularly desirable.
  • When projects supported by the Institute involve an organisation in Indonesia, applicants must demonstrate that sufficient matching funds from the Indonesian counterpart organisation are available to allow for the successful completion of a project. Matching funds may include accommodation and other services provided without charge by host institutions.
  • Where a project involves a partnership with an Australia/Indonesian organisation, applicants must include evidence of support from that Australia/Indonesian organisation.
  • Wherever possible, Institute support should constitute seeding funds intended to encourage financial support from others, including corporate sponsors. The Institute may decide to award grants conditional on funding being raised from other sources.
  • The project should establish prospects for independently funded activity as a result of initial Institute funding.
  • The applicant should preferably have an established record of achievement.
  • The AII will not usually provide grants of more than $20,000, smaller amounts are preferred.

Where a project contains an international airfare component, this should be costed at the applicable economy excursion fare. The Institute will not reimburse applicants for additional expenses incurred because of late bookings or other problems requiring tickets to be paid for at a higher rate.

Institute grants must normally be accepted and must be utilised in the financial year for which they were awarded. If this condition cannot be met the offer of a grant may be withdrawn in order to give other applicants an opportunity to carry out a project. Any anticipated delay should therefore be reported in good time to the Institute, to allow it to consider the circumstances and take any appropriate action. If grant funds have been transferred to an individual or organisation for a project that does not go ahead in that financial year the recipient will have to repay those funds to the Institute.

The AII does not usually allow funds provided for specific projects to be used for salaries, fees and administrative costs but it may do in some cases. Applicants seeking funding with a component that includes these costs should ensure that they have provided a solid case in the application to allow the Board to consider payment for these purposes.

Activities not funded

Consistent with its policy of supporting innovative proposals, the Australia-Indonesia Institute is interested in a very broad range of projects. However, funding is unlikely to be available for the following purposes (see advice above):

  • capital expenditure on real property;
  • conference travel, attendance at meetings, field work and other short-term activities mainly involving travel where these are the principal elements of the grant proposal;
  • funding support to grant-giving organisations for activities mainly involving their own personnel;
  • activities which are properly the responsibility of other funding bodies or other government agencies (eg. development assistance projects);
  • activities which are commercially-viable in their own right;
  • support for existing projects or the recurrent funding of projects;
  • a project in which the successful completion of the Australia-Indonesia component is incidental to its main aims;
  • salaries and honorariums

GST Obligations

The Australia-Indonesia Institute requires specific information in order to finalise consideration of a grant application.

We require written advice about the applicant's Australian Business Number (ABN) status. If the applicant is registered for an ABN, the AII also requires written confirmation as to whether the applicant is registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST). This advice is necessary to clarify grant funding implications.

Under the Pay As You Go (PAYG) obligations, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is required to withhold tax (at the rate of 48.5%) and remit it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in certain circumstances. This applies if the applicant does not have an ABN, or written advice providing exemption from the withholding tax.

The following categories are exempt from No ABN withholding tax. If the applicant falls into one of the categories specified below you should copy the documentation confirming this status to us.

if the payment is of a private or domestic nature;

  • the applicant is an individual (not a business, company or trust);
  • if the applicant is an 'income tax exempt body'; or
  • if the applicant has applied for an ABN and has been rejected by the ATO

Please note that it is an obligation of grant recipients under the GST Act to remit any GST included in the grant to the Australian Taxation Office.

When should grant applications be submitted?

The Institute invites applications for project funding through advertisements on the AII website.

The Board of the Institute will consider high quality proposals that meet the Institute's conditions.

The Institute will normally fund approved projects for a specific financial year. You should therefore be certain that your project can proceed on time.

Notification of Decisions

Applicants for Institute grants will normally be advised in writing of the Institute's decision within four weeks of the Board meeting.

Successful applicants will also be advised at that time of any special conditions that the Institute may have attached to their project, such as the proviso that Institute funds will be made available subject to adequate assurances of support from other sources. The terms and conditions attached to AII funding will be set out in the DFAT Funding Agreement which will need to be signed by the successful applicant. Payment of the grant will not proceed until the Institute receives an original signed Funding Agreement and a valid tax invoice.

Successful grant recipients from Australia who intend to travel to Indonesia as part of an AII-funded project are required to confirm that they have read the current Australian Government travel advisory for Indonesia prior to travel at Each AII-funded traveller to Indonesia must also complete a Deed Poll Waiver and Release form and return it to the AII Secretariat before travel is undertaken.
Unsuccessful applicants are advised of the Institute's decision in general terms. In some cases, the Institute may invite unsuccessful applicants to submit a revised project proposal. Travel insurance is essential.

Responsibilities of successful applicants

All costs associated with an application are the responsibility of the applicant. Provision must be made in the application budget to meet all administrative costs and arrangements associated with proposals, including visa and travel arrangements, airport taxes, ground transport, travel and health insurance, accommodation and overseas student charges. Once a grant application has been approved no further funds will be made available for that project.

Grant recipients are responsible for making their own arrangements regarding any taxation liabilities which may arise from the award of the grant.

Report and Acquittal on completion of project

When the Australia-Indonesia Institute awards a grant, the awardee must provide written acceptance of the conditions relating to the payment and acquittal of the grant, and to the administration of the project.

The Institute must be notified in writing of any change to the nature and timing of a project for which a grant has been accepted.

All grant recipients must provide the Institute with a written report within 30 days of the completion of a project. The report must be structured in terms of the objectives of the project, and must include:

  • Details of the principal activities included in the project and an assessment of how these activities contributed to achieving the project's stated objectives
    • Number of participants/audience
    • Media coverage
    • Any difficulties experienced in executing the project
    • Future activities expected to be initiated following the completion of the project
  • A financial acquittal statement giving details of how the grant was expended. If the grant awarded was for an amount of over AUD$10,000.00, then a financial statement authorised by a certified accountant, containing sufficient detail to enable an informed assessment of the appropriateness of the expenditure of AII funds will be required.
  • Documentary evidence for expenditure of AII funding must be provided, including used airline tickets for any air travel covered by the grant and receipts for all major items, particularly all items of expenditure in excess of $1000.
  • At least one good quality high-resolution digital photograph (300 dpi) suitable for publication with a short paragraph of descriptive text which can be used on the AII website.
  • One photocopy of the report (excluding financial acquittal information) is also required.
  • An interim report is required where a project extends over more than six months.
  • Receipts for all expenditure covered by the grant, for items over $1,000, are necessary for audit purposes. The Institute will take recovery action if its grants cannot be accounted for properly.

Online Acquittal Report

As of July 1, 2012 AII acquittals are to be submitted online. We will only accept non-online acquittal forms from grant recipients of projects funded before the 2012-13 grant round.

Grant acquittal requirements

Online acquittal form for project grant recipients

General Conditions of Award of Grant

  • The moneys constituting the grant shall be used only for carrying out the approved project in respect of which the grant has been awarded.
  • The approved project shall not be undertaken or carried out by any other body or person other than the grant recipient without prior approval of the Institute.
  • The grant recipient shall notify the Institute of any alternative or additional source of funding in respect of the approved project, whether the additional funding becomes available before or after the award of the grant.
  • No major changes in the approved project or in the allocation of moneys between items comprising the approved project shall be made without the approval of the Institute having first been obtained.
  • If the grant recipient is in breach of any of the conditions of this grant which it does not rectify within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice from the Institute requiring it to do so, or it fails to comply with any reasonable direction given by the Institute, then the Institute may terminate the grant by written notice without prejudice to any other remedy it may have.
  • Where a grant is terminated in accordance with Condition 5, the grant recipient must repay to the Institute all monies provided by the Institute within fourteen (14) days of a written notice of termination being served on the grant recipient by the Institute. If, after the approved project has been completed, it is discovered that the grant recipient has breached any of the conditions of grant which it is not able to rectify within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice from the Institute requiring it to do so, then the Institute shall retain the right to terminate a grant and require the grant recipient to repay all monies provided by the Institute.
  • The grant is payable 4 weeks before the commencement of the project or visit.
  • If the commencement of the approved project is delayed for any reason, an application for a postponement of the starting date should be made in writing to the Institute.
  • The grant will normally be valid only for the financial year in which it has been awarded. The Institute should be promptly advised of project delays.
  • Where a grant is awarded for an exhibition, sporting fixture, publication or other event resulting in publicity, Institute sponsorship must be acknowledged.
  • Within 30 days of completion of the project, the grant recipient shall provide to the Institute a full written report on the activity, and supporting evidence of expenditure by way of a detailed statement, attaching used airline tickets (if applicable) and receipts wherever possible. A financial statement authorised by a certified accountant will be required where the grant awarded was in excess of AUD$10,000
  • If a project is terminated for any reason, moneys not expended according to the conditions of the grant, shall be refunded to the Institute.
  • If a project results in a grant recipient creating or producing data, information, reports or materials which may be subject to copyright or which constitutes intellectual property of whatsoever nature ("Project Materials"), such Project Materials remain the property of the grant recipient as and when they are created or produced, notwithstanding that any report or acquittal documentation provided to the Institute by a grant recipient in accordance with these conditions will be owned by the Institute.
  • The grant recipient indemnifies and shall keep indemnified the Commonwealth, its officers, employees and agents from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs and expenses (including the costs of defending or settling any action, claim or demand) made, sustained, brought or prosecuted in any manner based upon, occasioned by or attributable to any injury to any person (including death) or loss of or damage to property which may arise from or be a consequence of any unlawful or negligent act or omission of the grant recipient, its officers, employees or agents in carrying out the approved project.

Other Expenses Related to the Project

The Institute is not in a position to provide funds for expenses other than those specified in the grant approval. The host person/organisation must arrange separate funding for all costs other than those for which the Institute has specifically accepted responsibility.

For projects involving travel in Indonesia or Australia, the Institute has set the following maximum daily rates for per diem and accommodation, and rates for airfares.

For travel to Indonesia

  • Per diem (meals and incidentals) – A$80.00
  • Accommodation – A$150 in Jakarta. A$70 for other provincial centres.
  • Airfares – Most direct economy class airfare.

For travel to Australia

  • Per diem (meals and incidentals) – A$80.00
  • Accommodation – A$150 in Sydney and Melbourne. A$100 for other capital cities; A$70 for Australian country centres.
  • Airfares – Most direct economy class airfare.

The applicant should ensure that the following items are included in their budget:

  • Medical and hospital insurance cover for visitors not covered by Medicare in Australia.
  • Medical and hospital insurance cover for travel outside Australia. This should include evacuation and death cover.
  • Any necessary insurance for equipment.

Health insurance is essential. The Institute will not accept any liability for any medical , hospital or evacuation costs incurred by participants in projects funded by the Institute.

Hibah Bantuan Dana

Hibah bantuan dana secara umum dimaksudkan sebagai dana penunjang bagi usulan-usulan proyek inovatif yang sesuai dengan fungsi dan tujuan dari Australia Indonesia Institute (AII). Fungsi dan tujuan ini dijelaskan dalam suatu buku petunjuk, "Guidelines and Conditions applying to Grant Applications and Approvals."

Yang boleh memohon dana

Baik perorangan maupun organisasi boleh mengajukan permohonan untuk dana bantuan ini. Para pemohon harus mempunyai catatan prestasi dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan proyek yang sesuai dengan proyek yang diajukan, dan sebaiknya dapat membuktikan hal itu. Seseorang tidak boleh mendapat lebih dari satu hibah dana bantuan dari Australia-Indonesia Institute pada waktu bersamaan.

Persaingan untuk mendapatkan hibah cukup kuat , dan AII mungkin dapat memutuskan untuk tidak memberikan hibah baru kepada perorangan maupun organisasi yang pernah sebelumnya mendapatkan suatu hibah bantuan. AII berpegang pada prinsip persamaan kesempatan (equal opportunity), dan mendesak agar perorangan dan organisasi dari kelompok tertentu untuk memohon bantuan dana bagi proyek mereka.

Petunjuk Permohonan untuk Hibah Bantuan Dana

Permohonan bantuan dinilai sesuai dengan syarat yang ditetapkan AII dalam buku petunjuk untuk permohonan hibah bantuan dana. Pemohon harus mengikuti petunjuk ini ketika menyerahkan usul mereka agar dapat dipertimbangkan. Walaupun tidak ada batas tertentu mengenai jumlah dana bantuan, usul yang masuk biasanya dibagi dalam kategori berikut ini:

Kecil $1,000-$5,000

Sedang $5,000-25,000

Besar $25,000-$60,000 lebih

Lihat Buku Petunjuk "Guidelines and Conditions applying to Grant Applications and Approvals."

Harap diperhatikan bahwa semua permohonan harus diajukan dalam bahasa Inggris

  1. Proyek yang diusulkan seharusnya merupakan inisiatif baru yang sesuai dengan tujuan AII untuk meningkatkan hubungan antara Indonesia dan Australia. Inisiatif itu mungkin dapat mengemukakan bidang baru dalam hubungan antara Australia dan Indonesia atau mungkin dapat digunakan untuk lebih membangun dan mengembangkan hubungan yang sudah ada.
  2. Proyek itu seharusnya mempunyai manfaat jelas dari segi tujuan AII.
  3. Informasi seharusnya diberikan dalam permohonan hibah mengenai publisitas atau promosi proyek tersebut.
  4. Proyek yang melibatkan pengalaman orang Indonesia dengan Australia dan hubungan pengalaman tersebut dengan masyarakat luas di Indonesia sangat diinginkan.
  5. Apabila proyek yang dibantu oleh AII melibatkan organisasi di Indonesia, para pemohon harus memperlihatkan tersedianya dana pendamping yang cukup dari organisasi mitra di Indonesia, agar proyek itu dapat diselesaikan dengan berhasil. Dana pendamping itu mungkin dapat berupa penyediaan akomodasi misalnya atau pelayanan lain yang disediakan tanpa biaya oleh organisasi tersebut.
  6. Apabila mungkin, bantuan dana AII seharusnya merupakan dana pembibitan yang dimaksudkan dapat mendorong bantuan keuangan dari sumber lainnya, termasuk sponsor kalangan dunia usaha. AII mungkin dapat memutuskan untuk memberikan hibah bantuan dana dengan syarat bahwa ada usaha juga untuk mendapatkan dana dari sumber lain.
  7. Proyek seharusnya dapat menciptakan kemungkinan bagi kegiatan yang dibiayai mandiri sebagai hasil hibah bantuan yang diterima dari AII.
  8. Para pemohon seharusnya sudah mempunyai catatan prestasi.

Apabila proyek mencakup komponen ongkos pesawat internasional, maka biaya tersebut seharusnya dihitung dengan tarif kelas ekonomi yang berlaku. AII tidak akan mengganti biaya apapun yang disebabkan oleh keterlambatan pemohon dalam hal pemesanan ticket atau karena hal lain yang menyebabkan harga ticket meningkat.

Dana bantuan AII biasanya harus diterima dan dipakai dalam tahun anggaran bersangkutan. Apabila syarat ini tidak dapat dipenuhi, penawaran hibah bantuan dana itu mungkin dapat dibatalkan agar kesempatan diberikan kepada pemohon lain. Kalau adanya kemungkinan proyek akan ditunda hal itu harus dilaporkan pada AII dalam batas waktu yang cukup supaya keadaan tersebut dapat dipertimbangakan dan tindakan tepat dapat dilakukan. Apabila dana bantuan tersebut sudah diserahkan kepada pemohon perorangan ataupun organisasi sedangkan proyek tidak dapat terlaksana dalam tahun fiskal yang ditentukan, penerima hibah bantuan dana harus mengembalikan dana bantuan itu kepada AII.

Kegiatan yang tidak didanai

Sesuai dengan kebijakannya untuk membantu proyek yang inovatif AII tertarik pada berbagai macam jenis proyek. Namun, ada kemungkinan dana bantuan itu tidak akan disediakan untuk tujuan tertentu seperti yang berikut ini:

  • pembayaran atas harta tak bergerak;
  • kunjungan ke konferensi, menghadiri pertemuan, kerja lapangan dan kegiatan jangka pendek lainnya yang terutama melibatkan perjalanan, dimana semua ini merupakan unsur utama dari permohonan hibah dana bantuan;
  • dana bantuan pada organisasi pemberi hibah yang kegiatannya terutama melibatkan orang mereka sendiri;
  • kegiatan yang sebetulnya menjadi tanggung jawab instansi pemerintah atau badan penyandang dana lainnya (contoh: proyek bantuan pembangunan - development assistance);
  • kegiatan yang pada dasarnya bersifat komersial ;
  • bantuan pada proyek yang sedang berjalan atau bantuan ulangan atas proyek tertentu;
  • suatu proyek dimana berhasilnya penyelesaian komponen AII, bukan bagian inti tujuan utamanya;
  • pembayaran gaji dan honor.

Bagaimana mengajukan permohonan

Formulir permohonan hibah dalam jaringan

Permohonan akan dinilai berdasarkan Panduan Program Hibah AII, semua pemohon harap memahami panduan tersebut sebelum menyerahkan permohonan pendanaan.

Semua pemohon harus mengisi dengan lengkap formulir Permohonan Hibah Dalam Jaringan dan menyerahkan dokumentasi wajib yang diminta. Permohonan harus dibuat dalam bahasa Inggris. Permohonan yang tidak memenuhi persyaratan minimum ini akan dianggap tidak memenuhi syarat.

Bila permohonan anda tidak dapat diserahkan dengan menggunakan Formulir Permohonan Hibah Dalam Jaringan, mohon hubungi Kantor Bagian Kebudayaan di Kedutaan Besar Australia di Jakarta