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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03
  1. Moneys required for the purposes of enabling the Institute to discharge its functions and the implementation of the Institute’s recommendations shall be obtained from:
    (a) moneys standing to the credit of any Trust Account established under section 62A of the Audit Act 1901 for those purposes; or
    (b) any other moneys lawfully available for those purposes.
  2. Without limiting the generality of clause 7, the Institute may, in relation to any matter connected with the functions of the Institute, make recommendations to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Trade with respect to:
    (a) the entering into of contracts;
    (b) the use and disposition of gifts, devises and bequests;
    (c) the making of grants and loans;
    (d) the provision of scholarships and benefits; and
    (e) the employment under the Public Service Act of 1922 of a Director and other staff to assist the Institute.

Given under the Hand of the
Governor-General and the
Great Seal on 27 April 1989

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