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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03
  1. A member (including the Chairperson) may resign his/her office by writing under his/her hand delivered to the Governor-General.
  2. (1) Subject to subclause (2), meetings of the Institute shall be held at such times and at such places as the Institute determines.
    (2) The Chairperson shall, upon receipt of a written request signed by four other members of the Institute, summon a meeting of the Institute to deal with such matters as are specified in that written request.
  3. At a meeting of the Institute, a quorum shall be constituted by any four
    members or not less than half the members for the time being holding office, whichever is the larger.
  4. The procedures for the conduct of meetings of the Institute, including
    procedures for the appointment by the members from amongst their number of an Acting Chairperson in the event of the absence from any meeting of the Chairperson, shall be as determined from time to time by the Institute.
  5. The functions of the Institute are:
    (a) to make recommendations to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Trade for the broadening of the Australian experience of Indonesia in relation to:
    1. the encouragement of the study of the Indonesian language and culture in Australia and the English language and Australian culture in Indonesia;
    2. the enhancement of commercial linkages between Australia and Indonesia;
    3. the identification of possibilities for cooperation in science and technology;
    4. the facilitation of media exchanges;
    5. the sponsorship of cultural and sporting exchanges and training;
    6. the support of Australian studies in Indonesia and of Indonesian studies in Australia;
    7. the strengthening of institutional links between universities, museums, libraries, technical colleges, research institutes, professional organisations and appropriate non-government organisations;
    8. the facilitation of the translation of Australian and Indonesian texts;
    9. the organisation of visits and exchanges between prominent people and groups;
    (b) subject to the direction of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Trade, to provide advice and information to individuals and organisations and to the Australian media in relation to any matters referred to in subparagraphs (a) (i) to (ix) inclusive;
    (c) for the purposes of formulating recommendations referred to in paragraph (a) or providing advice and information referred to in paragraph (b), to consult individuals, organisations and government departments and agencies associated or concerned with the development of relations between Australia and Indonesia.

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