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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

Order Constituting The Australia-Indonesia Institute

WHEREAS the Australian Government is desirous of further developing relations between Australia and Indonesia.
AND WHEREAS it is desirable that such relations should be developed by the
promotion in Australia of a greater understanding of Indonesia, and by the
promotion in Indonesia of a greater understanding of Australia and the
enlargement over the longer term of the areas of contact and exchange between Australia and Indonesia and their respective people:
AND WHEREAS it is desirable that there be established a body for the purpose of providing a focus for the collection, exchange and dissemination of information, and a source of advice, in relation to the ways in which such relations may be
encouraged, strengthened and developed:
NOW THEREFORE: I, William George Hayden, Governor-General of the
Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council,


  1. There is hereby established an institute to be known as the “Australia-Indonesia Institute”.
  2. (1) The Institute shall consist of
    1. a Chairperson; and
    2. not less than four and not more than 12 other members
    (2) The Chairperson and other members shall be appointed by the Governor-General on the nomination of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Chairperson shall be appointed for a period not exceeding five years, and on a part-time basis. A member of the Institute, other than the Chairperson, shall be appointed for a period not exceeding three years and on a part-time basis.
    (3) A person may be appointed to be a member of the Institute subject to the condition that no remuneration, allowances or other payments are to be
    payable to him/her as a member of the Institute apart from payments of amounts to reimburse him/her for travel and accommodation expenses actually incurred by him/her in the performance of his/her duties as a member of the Institute.

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