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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

Auditor’s report


The Chairman and Board Members of the Australia-Indonesia Institute laying wreaths at the site of the Sari Club in remembrance of those killed on 12 October 2002 during their visit to Bali in March 2003.

The Australian National Audit Office, as part of its examination of the accounts of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, examines the financial affairs of the Institute.


The Institute’s secretariat is located in the Indonesia Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The principal functions of the Australia-Indonesia Institute secretariat are to make recommendations to the Institute’s board on program expenditure and other matters, to implement board decisions and to provide administrative support. This support includes project development, implementation and assessment.
Staff who served with the secretariat during the reporting period are listed below:
Mr Bill Richardson, Director (June 2002 - present)
Mr Julian Parker, Project Officer (February 2001 - July 2002)
Mr John Read, Project Officer (July 2002 - present)
The secretariat liaises with the Counsellor (Cultural) at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. During the year this position was filled by Mr Geoffrey Leach (January 2000 - January 2003) and Ms Beverly Mercer (January 2003 - present). Institute activities in Indonesia receive assistance from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

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