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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03


The Institute aims to encourage improved mutual understanding by helping to foster high-quality, insightful media coverage of Indonesia in Australia and of Australia in Indonesia.

The media in Australia and Indonesia play a significant role in informing and shaping both official and public perceptions of the other country. The Institute continued to encourage greater contact by Australian journalists with Indonesia through scholarships and academic programs designed to provide exposure to its language and culture and contact with Indonesian media organisations.

Senior Editors’ Visit

The Institute increased the level of contact and understanding between influential Indonesian media representatives and Australian political, business and community leaders by hosting a group of senior media editors in Sydney and Canberra. The group of ten editors, representing the major Indonesian print and television media organisations, was able to gain valuable insights into the operations of the Australian Federal and State parliamentary systems and to explore current social, political and economic developments in Australia and the region.

The visit occurred immediately following the tragic bombing attacks in Bali in October 2002. Under these circumstances of intense media focus on Indonesia and our bilateral relationship, the participants were able to provide insightful commentaries for Australian media organisations on current conditions within Indonesia and to provide accurate reporting for their own organisations on developments in Australia. This reporting was significant in aiding the Indonesian authorities and public to better understand the Australian reaction to the tragedy.

This was the fifth visit by Australian or Indonesian senior editors sponsored by the Institute in a program which has produced tangible benefits for the media reporting on each country by the other. In the light of the importance that media reporting can have on public perceptions, the Institute believes these visits continue to play an important role in better informing the depth, accuracy and insightfulness of reporting within the media of both countries.

Indonesian Investigative Journalism Program

The Institute assisted capacity-building efforts in investigative journalism in Indonesia through its support for a training program for eight Indonesian journalists delivered by the School of Media Communication & Culture at Murdoch University. The project was developed in partnership with the Centre for

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