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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

Part of the classroom setting for the Burgmann Anglican School Indonesian Language and Cultural Centre.

The 20,000 books the Institute funded for the second edition have been presented to the Indonesian Department of Education for distribution to schools in other provinces.

In order to make this text more widely available, the Institute has had it converted into electronic format, which will be made available on the Institute’s website at

Burgmann Anglican School Indonesian Language and Cultural Centre

The Institute has assisted the expansion of Indonesian studies at Burgmann Anglican School in Canberra through support for the construction of a dedicated Indonesian Language and Cultural Centre at the school.

Built in a modern Torajan style, the facility provides a focus for the school’s formal Indonesian studies program and for extra-curricular educational activities for members of the school community, including assisting other schools. These activities include instruction in the art of gamelan playing. With the commissioning of this centre, Burgmann School will expand its Indonesian studies program through connection with a sister school in Bandung.

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