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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03


The Institute aims to develop a network of Indonesians who can interpret Australian society and policies for the Indonesian people and government.

The Australian Studies Development in Indonesia Program

The Institute is supporting the integration and expansion of Australian Studies programs at Indonesian educational institutions through the Australian Studies Development in Indonesia program being undertaken by The Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne.
The initial stages of the program have seen the commencement of a comprehensive study of the history of and contemporary status of Australian Studies programs in Indonesia, the establishment of an Australian Studies Steering Committee comprised of leading practitioners from both Australia and Indonesia, and the development of a new Visiting Indonesian Scholarship program (VISP) to further develop Australian Studies expertise among Indonesian teaching professionals.
The aim of this ongoing project is to forge and enhance relations between specialists in Australian Studies in both countries, to identify programs to extend the potential of existing and new Australian Studies programs and to identify leaders committed to nurturing teaching and research on Australia, as well as fostering a network of scholars and postgraduate students interested in Australian Studies within Indonesia.


The Institute aims to assist Indonesia to strengthen its civil society by providing non-government groups with training and specialist advice and through support for institution building.

Through its activities, the AII Civil Society program continued to promote the development of relationships between civil society leaders and organisations and the transfer of knowledge and skills relevant to a range of important political and social issues within both countries.

Autonomy in Education in the Indonesian Context

The Institute sought to assist greater understanding of developments in the education sector in Indonesia through its support for a conference on Autonomy in Education in the Indonesian Context organised by the Australia Indonesia Business Education Network in Canberra in September 2002.

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