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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03
Bayu Wirawan on the Baby Grand K-Kawai.

Bayu Wirawan on the Baby Grand K-Kawai.

The visit was successful in showcasing aspects of modern Indonesian jazz to a wider Australian audience and in establishing linkages with teaching institutions and commercial music organisations. The commercial release of some of Bayu’s work recorded while he was in Australia will add to the further recognition of modern Indonesian jazz and it is hoped will lead to distribution and partnership arrangements for the Australian, Indonesian and broader international market.

Voices Across Java

The Institute supported a ten day tour of Java by the Sydney-based a cappella choir Voices from the Vacant Lot (VVL). The tour was co-ordinated from Australia by Wot Cross-cultural Synergy and in-Indonesia tour organisers Cuat Budaya. Five performances and three workshops were held, with performance venues ranging from the prestigious Gedung Kesenian Jakarta to local art house Rumah Nusantara Bandung, the Gedung Societet Yogyakarta and the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, and the Universitas Petra Surabaya.
The tour achieved a number of goals. VVL performed and exchanged material with a number of local choirs, thus enriching the repertoire of VVL and also eliciting much positive feedback on the VVL performances. The strong multicultural nature of much of Australian choral ensembles also was underscored, with VVL’s repertoire including both original songs as well as traditional and contemporary songs from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cuba, El Salvador, England, Georgia, Indonesia, South Africa and Tanzania.

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