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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

Coast Lines Cultural Magazine


Guest Editor, Indonesian writer and poet Tan Lioe Ie, with Coast Lines publisher Heather Curnow.

The Institute helped to support the third edition of the Coast Lines literary magazine, a joint production between publisher Heather Curnow from Tasmania and IndonesiaTera in Magelang Java. This bilingual magazine brought together a valuable mix of serious Asian Studies articles and quality poems, stories and extracts from novels and plays. The journal was illustrated by drawings by Nyoman Erawan from Bali and etchings by Cygnet artist Madelaine Goodwolf. Coast Lines #3 was launched in Australia at the Tasmanian Readers’ and Writers’ Festival in Hobart and in Indonesia in association with CAK magazine and the Cengkilung Bookshop as part of the Bali Arts Festival.

Piano Master Classes - Geoffrey Saba

The Institute supported a visit to Indonesia by Australian classical pianist Geoffrey Saba. The visit included a mix of performances and workshops to tutor talented young Indonesian musicians.
Mr Saba gave two recitals in Surabaya, the first as part of a Festival organised by IKAMA, the Australian Alumni Association, and the second a performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 (Emperor) in concert with the Surabaya Symphony Orchestra. Six days of master classes were conducted in Surabaya and three days in Jakarta, with up to twelve players a day having the opportunity to be coached to play selections of standard and original compositions.
It is hoped that with continued exposure to Western performance standards and further support from organisations with cultural commitments to Indonesia, Indonesia will be able to develop a professional symphony orchestra performing to full international standards.

Bayu Wirawan - Jazz Pianist Visit

The Institute expanded popular music linkages by supporting the visit to Australia of Bayu Wirawan, a jazz pianist, composer and recording artist. The visit saw Bayu perform organised and impromptu performances at a number of public venues and festivals in Queensland, northern NSW and Sydney, undertake workshops, teaching sessions, and radio interviews. His high energy and improvisation was impressive and was captured in a number of recording sessions, both solo and in collaboration with local Australian artists. A large amount of the material from these sessions is to be released on CD.

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