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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

Asialink Arts Residencies in Indonesia

In 2002 - 2003, the AII continued its long-standing support for the program of residencies in Indonesia organised by Asialink for Australian artists. The popularity of the residency program reflects the attraction Indonesia’s traditional and contemporary cultural environment has for Australian artists. This year, the AII was pleased to support residencies in Indonesia for curator Stuart Koop and arts manager Kirsty Ellem and in Australia for renowned dancer and director Sardono Kusumo.

Sardono Kusumo trained in classical Javanese dance and now is an internationally renowned director, dance teacher, film-maker and choreographer. While in Australia, he worked with Liminal Theatre on a new theatre project, undertook an extensive teaching program with postgraduate students of directing and choreography through the Victoria College of Arts and conducted workshops at the VCA and in the Otways in Victoria.


Kirsty Ellem answering questions at a workshop on arts management practices.

Kirsty Ellem, Manager of the Wellington Entertainment Centre in Sale, Victoria, spent two months working with the Kelola Foundation in Solo helping them to meet their aims to support the growth of the arts in Indonesia through providing learning opportunities, funding and access to information. She presented four workshops, two on business partnering and two on arts management practices.

Stuart Koop demonstrated his strong curatorial skills during his residency at the Cemeti Art Foundation in Yogyakarta where he collaborated on a textiles exhibition and contributed ideas and models to industry developments in Indonesia. The outcomes of his residency included work on the development of two exhibitions, two catalogue essays, two reviews, three screenings, one professional development workshop, two lectures, two forums and several translations. Future curatorial opportunities include a proposal for him to work as an international advisor to the Jakarta Bienniale committee, curating an exhibition of young artists for Cemeti Art House and planning exhibitions for an experimental space in Bandung. He has also been asked to write several catalogue essays.

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