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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03

All applications are made using standard documents and are assessed by a standard appraisal procedure, helping to ensure consistency and equity in Institute funding decisions.
The Board attaches a number of conditions to its funding, including that all applications are assessed against the following guidelines:

  1. The project should be an initiative of relevance to the AII’s aim of promoting a growing and deepening relationship between Australia and Indonesia.
    Such initiatives may promote new areas of contact between Australia and Indonesia or may serve to build on or develop existing contacts. Priority is given to projects involving young people.
  2. The project should have a clearly defined benefit in terms of the AII’s goals and objectives.
  3. Provision should be made in the application for publicity or promotion of the project.
  4. Projects that involve Indonesian experience of Australia and the relation of that experience to a wide audience in Indonesia are particularly desirable.
  5. When projects supported by the AII involve an organisation in Indonesia, applicants must demonstrate that sufficient matching funds from the Indonesian counterpart organisation are available to allow for the successful completion of the project.
    Matching funds may include accommodation and other services provided without charge by host institutions.
  6. Wherever possible, AII support should constitute seeding funds intended to encourage financial support from others, including corporate sponsors.
    The AII may decide to award grants conditional on funding being raised from other sources.
  7. The project should wherever possible establish prospects for independently funded activity as a result of initial AII funding.
  8. The applicant should preferably have an established record of achievement.

The Board generally meets three times each year to consider applications for funding. Applications may be submitted at any time, and will usually be held for consideration at the next Board meeting.

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