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Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2002-03


The Australia-Indonesia Institute supports and initiates activities consistent with its goals and on the basis of a strategic program set by the Board.

The policy of the Institute is to target groups and individuals in Australia and Indonesia who have an interest in a future relationship of substance with the other country, including through the enhancement of institutional links. Wherever possible, the Institute seeks to expand institutional linkages by involving multiple organisations to ensure the carriage of approved activities. This may take the form of seed funding of projects, or collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals in both countries.

The Institute receives its program funding from the Australian Government in the form of an annual grant-in-trust administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Institute received new program funding of $840,000 in 2002-2003.

The Board considered 66 applications for funding in 2002-2003 and provided funding for 40 projects.

The total value of activities which received Institute support was far greater than the amount of Institute funding, as most of the activities involved substantial joint funding and in-kind support from other organisations and individuals in both countries.

Board members expanded their direct contact with senior regional officials during their visit to Indonesia for the Board’s 46th Meeting, held in Denpasar in March 2003. Meetings included the Governor of Bali and the Chairman and members of the Regional House of Representatives.

In the course of the year, Board members also consulted with a broad range of other Australian organisations and individuals about political, economic and cultural developments between Australia and Indonesia.


The Institute’s competitive funding application process is set out on the AII’s website at

The Institute particularly welcomes innovative projects that continue to advance the aims and objectives of the Institute beyond the term of Institute funding, and therefore provide significant continuing benefits from what is often a modest initial outlay.

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