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Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australia Indonesia Institute Annual Report 2001-02


The Institute aims to promote professional networking and institutional links and to demonstrate the high quality and diversity of Australian products and services in specified fields.

The Institute continued to promote professional and institutional links between Australia and Indonesia in 2001–2002.

HIV Patient Care in Bali

The Institute supported work to improve clinical management of HIV-infected persons in Bali, which has also created new educational links between Australian and Indonesian universities. The aim of this pilot work was to build linkages between Australia and Indonesia through collaborations between the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health and the National Serological Reference Laboratory in Melbourne and the Udayana University and the Kerti Praja Foundation in Bali.

This project aims to improve the clinical management of HIV-infected persons in Bali by establishing testing facilities to monitor disease progression. A number of useful linkages were also forged with other relevant agencies, including AusAID, the Provincial AIDS Commission, AKSI AIDS, the local Food and Drug Inspectorate, local medical doctors and community representatives.

A further positive linkage was established when the project’s Australian initiator became the supervisor for a PhD program at Udayana University.

Village Kindergarten Training Scheme Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation Inc

The Institute provided Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation with funds to develop accredited training for kindergarten supervisors and a video on early childhood development suitable for training purposes in Indonesia. These materials will support the work of Bina Anaparasa, a foundation in Surabaya that has been involved in establishing village kindergartens. The aim of these kindergartens is to provide children with good foundations for development and learning as well as assisting and fostering good parenting and home child rearing practices particularly as it relates to child health and wellbeing.

Meerilinga’s initial work in Surabaya included an analysis of the training required, including a skills audit with some of the identified supervisors and discussion with staff at Bina Anaprasa and Plan Indonesia. Work was also undertaken in assessing the content and context of the training to ensure that it was culturally appropriate and sustainable. Two units of training have been developed, both of which have been developed to Australian ANTA standards so that those trainees completing the training would be eligible for Australian certification.

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