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Australia-India Council Annual Report 1999-2000


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Indian studies

The objective of the Council’s Indian studies program is to promote within Australia an informed understanding of Indian society and politics.

ndian critic and novelist Mr Pankaj Mishra

To help promote an informed Australian interest in India, the Council provided funding for the prominent Indian critic and novelist Mr Pankaj Mishra to participate in the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May 2000. Mr Mishra’s breadth of interests attracted considerable news media attention. During his visit, he also undertook a range of other activities, including a book signing in Sydney. (Sydney Writers’ Festival)

To encourage the study of India in Australian universities, the Council has supported a series of workshops conducted by the National Centre for South Asian Studies which have brought together honours and postgraduate students from all parts of Australia to discuss research and future directions in Indian studies with experts from Australia and overseas. The Council provided funding for the seventh such workshop, held in Melbourne in July 2000.

With airfare funding provided by the Council during the previous year, seven Australian economics students participated in the Annual Undergraduate Economics Convention at the Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board colleges in Mumbai during December 1999.

The Council provided funding to enable Dr Lakshmi Subramaniam of Calcutta University to give the keynote South Asia Lecture at the biennial Asian Studies Association of Australia conference in Melbourne in July 2000 and to present lectures and briefings at universities in Bendigo, Sydney, Newcastle and Perth.

To encourage Australian interest in, and understanding of, India through India’s literary culture, the Council provided funding to enable the participation of prominent Indian critic and novelist Mr Pankaj Mishra in the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May 2000. Mr Mishra subsequently participated in literary events in Mel bourne, organised by the Asialink Centre.

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