Australia-India Council (AIC)

Australia-India Council Annual Report 1999-2000


Letter to Minister >> Introduction >> Chairman’s message >> Board members >> Mission statement, aims and objectives

Funding Application Process >> Australian studies >> Commerce >> Education >> Indian studies >> Institutional and professional links >> Performing and visual arts >> Print and electronic media and film >> Public awareness >> Science and technology >> Sport

Administrative overview >> Appendix: Australia–India Trust Account Financial Statements 1999–2000

Funding application process

The Australia–India Council’s competitive funding application process enables the initiative and enthusiasm of a wide range of individuals and organisations to be encouraged and supported in furthering the Council’s objectives of broadening and deepening the Australia–India relationship. The funding application process has also helped to identify areas worthy of more systematic or long-term Council involvement.

The AIC funding application process is designed to provide seed funding for innovative projects that will continue to advance the aims and objectives of the Council beyond the term of Council funding, providing significant continuing benefits from what is often a modest initial outlay.

All applications are made using standard documents and are assessed by a standard appraisal procedure, helping to ensure consistency and equity in Council funding decisions.

The Council attaches a number of conditions to its funding, including that all applications be assessed against the following guidelines:

The Council generally meets three or four times each year to consider applications for AIC funding. It is the responsibility of funding applicants to ensure, by consultation with the AIC Secretariat, that applications are received by the Council at least four weeks prior to the Council meeting at which they are being considered.

A summary of the principal AIC-funded activities, both Council-initiated and in response to funding applications from individuals and other organisations working to advance the Australia–India relationship, follows in respect of each Council funding program.

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