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The objective of the Council’s Indian studies program is to promote within Australia the informed interpretation of Indian society and politics.

Under this program, the Council provided funding for the fourth and fifth annual South Asian Honours and Postgraduate Student Workshops, held in Sydney in July 1997 and in Melbourne in July 1998. This series of workshops has brought together honours and postgraduate students from all parts of Australia to discuss research and future directions in Indian studies with experts from Australia and overseas, and has been influential in encouraging Indian studies in Australia.

The Council provided funding to the Adelaide Writers’ Festival to enable the Indian writer Ms Arundhati Roy to participate in the 1998 Festival. Ms Roy’s participation attracted strong news media and public interest, enhanced by the award to her of the Booker Prize.

The Council also provided funding to the New South Wales Writers Centre to enable the participation of Indian writer Mr Kiran Nagarkar in writers’ festivals in Brisbane and Sydney in September 1997.


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