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During 1997-98, the Australia-India Council spent $458 374 on a range of projects either initiated by the Council, or through grants to individuals or organisations in response to specific funding applications. The total value of the activities which received AIC funding was far greater, given that many of the activities involved substantial co-funding and support from other organisations and individuals in both countries. The Council’s general experience has been that its funding has attracted contributions from project participants, or other individuals or organisations, at two to three times the level of Council project expenditure.

The Council considered 61 applications for grant funding during 1997-98, providing funding for 30 of these applications. The amounts provided for specific projects ranged from $1100 to $56 500.

The Council gave priority in funding to defined program areas including agribusiness, the environment, law, medicine and public health, mining and energy, technology, heritage conservation, performing arts and arts management.

During 1997-98, a total of 85 people, comprising 6 Indian women, 6 Indian men, 44 Australian women and 29 Australian men, travelled between Australia and India in connection with projects supported by the Council.


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