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Visiting Australia

Visa and Immigration Requirements

Australia welcomes millions of overseas visitors each year. Anyone who is not an Australian citizen needs a valid visa to enter and spend time here.

There are different visas for family and skilled migrants, tourists, business people, sports people, students and others. Many visas can be applied for online, and the Electronic Travel Authority can be applied for through travel agents and airlines. New Zealanders are granted an electronic visa on arrival in Australia.


Australians and New Zealanders are free to visit, live and work in either country without restrictions. Freedom of travel is facilitated through the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements of 1973.


Australia is one of the few countries in the world that is free of the most serious pests and diseases. Australia's reputation as an exporter of high quality, clean agricultural produce depends largely on the absence of these blights. The introduction of exotic pests and diseases could have serious environmental and economic consequences for Australia.

Wheat crop in Victoria
Wheat crop in Victoria (Carolyn Johns, Tourism Australia)

To protect human health and Australia's agriculture and tourism industries as well as its unique environment, Australia has stringent quarantine requirements.

All people, mail, cargo and vessels are screened before entering the country.

Travellers to Australia must declare anything made from plants or animals, including meat, dairy or other animal products, wooden articles, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and live animals. The penalties for breaching Australia's quarantine laws include hefty fines or imprisonment.

A close-up picture of a female customs officer.
(Department of Immigration and Border Protection)