South Australia State Office

Visitors program

Ambassadors and High Commissioners from our overseas posts regularly visit South Australia and are available to meet with South Australian companies, universities and State Government Departments. They can also speak at meetings of Chambers, Business Councils or associations.

The Department also operates a Cultural Awards Scheme (CAS), a Special Visits Program (SVP) and an Overseas Media Visitors Program (OMV).

The Cultural Awards Scheme targets key international figures in the areas of media, performing and visual arts, heritage, conservation and restoration and arts management. The Department brings these people to Australia to improve Australia's image in key markets and provide a greater awareness of the diversity, excellence and sophistication of the Australian cultural product. It is envisaged that improved commercial possibilities and enhanced institutional links and networks of personal contacts will also emerge from the visit, thereby promoting Australia's image and cultural product in key markets.

The Special Visits Program similarly targets influential or potentially influential individuals who can contribute in their country to a greater understanding of Australia's policies and institutions. They are likely to be people in positions which deal with issues of direct relevance to Australia's foreign and trade policy interests.

The Overseas Media Visitors Program provides opportunities for foreign media representatives to obtain a better understanding of Australia and its key domestic and international issues. The program also enables governments, their departments, business and community groups and academic institutions the opportunity to promote their interests across a broad spectrum of the Australian profile, including political, economic, social and cultural activities.

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