South Australia State Office

Services to business

Among the most important responsibilities of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is to negotiate away market access barriers which hinder Australian exporters in their efforts to develop export markets.

These can include such things as tariffs, quotas, or unreasonable technical regulations or standards. The Department is able to address these problems in bilateral government to government negotiations with the country concerned, in regional forums such as APEC, or in the World Trade Organisation.

The Department can target those market access barriers which matter to Australian business only if Australian business tells the Department what they are. We therefore encourage South Australian businesses which find themselves up against market access barriers in potential export markets to get in touch with the South Australia State Office and make us aware of the problem so that we can start work on solving it.

If you are a South Australian business affected by market access barriers, our State Director and his business relations team will always be keen to hear from you. There is no charge for consulting us on such matters - it is part of our core business as a policy arm of government, aimed at creating the best possible conditions for a more prosperous Australia.

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